Nokia X Porting Bus comes to London

Nokia X Porting Bus comes to London

The Nokia X Bus rolled into London town this morning (28 March) with app developers keen to jump aboard and port their products to the Nokia store on the hybrid X devices.

‘75% of apps take five minutes to port across from pure Android,’ said Riaz Ahmed, outreach manager at Nokia. ‘For the other 25% like Google Maps and notifications you’re looking at around an hour or maybe a couple tops.’

The three devices revealed by Stephen Elop at Mobile World Congress in February, the Nokia X, X+ and XL, were designed to increase Nokia’s share across the developing markets, ‘bringing the internet to the next billion’.

Last month Nokia UK and Ireland chief Connor Pierce told Mobile that there had been interest from UK operators and retailers in the devices, although Ahmed said there was no news to report on that front yet.

The Porting Bus has been all over Europe, visiting 11 cities across the continent, and Ahmed added that it had ‘surpassed expectations’ as developers had really responded. He said: ‘We were aiming for 100 developers today in London, and we’ve had 100. Porting their apps onto this platform from Android gives them access to a market they don’t have at present.'

The outreach manager also revealed that all developers were given a Nokia X device on the day. He said porting an app to the platform was ‘simple’ as developers could do everything from Nokia’s Analyser Page to see if their source code was compatible with the OS and whether it could be ported without a code. If not, its APK analyser app would provide lines of code for compatibility.

A revenue split of 70/30 in favour of the developer is in place once the apps are ported. Nokia is in 61 markets with 161 operators and the manufacturer believes developers can make money in markets they haven’t penetrated before.

Ahmed said a combination of the low price points and Nokia’s ‘signature build and services’ was going to give it an advantage in developing markets as it aimed for sales ‘to be in the hundreds of millions’.

He said: ‘We can offer services like Mix Radio, HERE Maps and HERE Drive for free, offering a true offline experience where data just isn’t around. We have popular Microsoft services like Skype and OneDrive, so for some users it will be their first experience of cloud storage.’


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