Samsung Note 7 recall… What it means

Samsung Note 7 recall… What it means

As Samsung is set to recall all of its Galaxy Note 7 stock Mobile looks at the implications for the brand:

Public Relations shift

Samsung were in a pretty good position before the Note 7 batteries started exploding. The device had received stunning reviews and the brand had harnessed its Olympics relationship to generate some marketing momentum once again.

What’s more its major rival Apple had been given a very public kicking by the EU regarding its Irish tax arrangements just weeks before its iPhone flagship launch. All of which was paving the way for Samsung to really push itself ahead of its American rival. The latest developments must be incredibly frustrating for Samsung considering how the momentum had shifted.


Managing 1 million angry customers

The customer response to the launch of the Note in Europe had been impressive. It’s unsurprising really considering how the phone had helped establish the phablet category. The UK preorders sold out very quickly with the number of units understood to have been around 1 million.

It is now absolutely vital that Samsung manages the expectations of these customers in the right way. It’s been suggested that the delay on receiving the product would be two weeks, but frequently with battery issues the delays can be longer. Regularly clear and positive communication with these customers is a necessity if they are to keep them loyal to the brand.

With Apple expected to be launching a ‘Pro’ version of its new iPhone which would be in direct competition with the Note device. Samsung must be hoping that its professional and business customers don’t switch to this device whilst they wait.


Industry implications

The excitement in the industry for this product was as great as it was amongst Note 7 fans. Operators, retailers, distributors and dealers were all eager for the release of this product and will be frustrated that it has been delayed.

The sellers of the device are also on the frontline when it comes to dealing with angry customers and will be faced in the coming months with difficult questions they might not be able to answer. Just as with its customers the message that Samsung communicates to the staff selling these devices will be absolutely crucial.  


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