iPhone 7 goes on sale… What to watch

iPhone 7 goes on sale… What to watch

Fighting with their hands tied behind their back

The iPhone launch always presents a curious time for retailers and operators marketing departments. The strict limitations the brand puts on any material featuring its products really restricts the way in which sellers of the device can communicate their product offers. It takes an inventive campaign or some aggressive pricing to pull customers towards one provider over another. Be prepared for interesting stunts surrounding the product delivery rather than the device itself.


Waterproof and Scandal-proof?

For some Apple launches the prospect of torrential showers would do little to dim the enthusiasm of the manufacturer’s fans. This morning however, the queues at the London flagship store were behind those in previous years, although it should be noted that pre-orders play a part in that.

The bigger question is what Apple’s Irish tax swerving antics will have on consumer’s appetite for the new product. The share price of the Californian tech giant has suffered very little impact. Reputational damage is always difficult to quantify, particularly when it comes to product sales, but it’s certainly a test for Apple.


Upgrade programme any impact?

Apple’s upgrade programme launches in the UK today, primarily targeted at premium users who want to upgrade to the new iPhone every year. The launch phase will be a crucial measurement of if it resonates with consumers. There is certainly better value that can be gained from going directly with Apple with savings of around £5-£10 a month and preferable data packages. Whether the enthusiastic early customers choose to go with the plan will be something to look out for.




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