It’s all about 4G: Daisy Distributions Predictions 2015

It’s all about 4G: Daisy Distributions Predictions 2015

Dave McGinn, managing director at Daisy Distributions:

‘As the market continues to converge into complete unified communications, it is our responsibility as a distributor to take partners, who are still very much mobile-centric, and guide them along the journey into IT services. Through the guidance of our product specialists and our tailored training sessions, we look to motivate partners to embrace new IT technologies such as Microsoft Office 365 and Vodafone One Net Business and open up those opportunities for them.

‘The movement towards cloud services and applications is becoming more and more of an attractive opportunity within the mobile distribution arena.

‘Mobile UC solutions, like Vodafone One Net Business and Microsoft Office 365, are perfectly suited to the SME space. They present mobile partners with the chance to dip their toe into the cloud market whilst strengthening their offering to their customers.

The hot topics in 2015, I believe will revolve around the 4G digital portfolio. Applications built on existing office and business tools will utilise 4G data services as the enabler alongside mobile Microsoft Office 365 and other data-hungry applications such as remote storage and backup. In particular, I believe mobile voice carried over WiFi could be the next revolutionary development that we should be looking out for.’


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