Daisy Connect launches cross-selling offensive

Daisy Connect launches cross-selling offensive

O2 Centre of Excellence Partner Daisy Connect is striving for significant growth this year with plans to quadruple the number of customers taking more than one product.

The company was created last year from the integration of the direct arm of MoCo Communications with Daisy Group’s previous acquisitions Spiritel and Housing Comms. It offers customers business mobile, fixed line and data telecommunications services.

Daisy Connect has more than 1,200 customers, of which approximately 10% take more than one product. Customers range from small SMEs to large corporates taking more than 900 handsets, with average customers taking between 40 to 50 handsets.

Daisy Connect also boasts a number of large housing association customers, and recently won a place on the Government’s Procurement for Housing preferred supplier list.

Speaking to Mobile, Ian Robinson (pictured), Daisy Connect sales director and former MD of Moco Communications, said the company had ambitious plans to cross sell more products into its customer base.

He said: ‘By next year we want to get to the point where we have 30% to 40% of our customer base taking more than one product. Businesses increasingly want one person conducting the orchestra and we aim to fullfil that need. We want to be seen as a trusted, independent advisor that can get the best deals for our customers.’

To this end, Daisy Connect has developed a far more consultative approach to sales, reflecting the greater complexity of the solutions on offer. Customers are responding positively to the new approach, Robinson said.

‘Our customer satisfaction index has risen from 69 points to 77 points over the past year, that’s a seven to eight point increase in customer satisfaction over the past 12 months as we engage in deeper conversations with them,’ he added.

The company has also launched a partner programme that offers telecoms services to its partners’ clients, with Daisy Connect paying partners a third-party income stream from the deals. Partners on the programme range from IT companies and cost-management companies to construction consultants.

The programme has already signed up five partners with more in the pipeline, Robinson said, adding: ‘We offer a telecoms partner service to companies that are not in the telecoms industry but want to offer that service to their clients, and we can see that growing, with most of our business coming through word-of-mouth recommendations.’

Being part of the Daisy Group has allowed the company to rapidly expand beyond mobile, Robinson said. ‘Eighteen months ago we were 99% mobile. Now we are also data specialists, systems specialists, line specialists and IT specialists. We are talking the whole piece.

‘Being part of Daisy also allows us to bid for bigger customers and helps to open doors to new opportunities. It also adds new strings to our bow, giving us the ability to access all sorts of services such as onsite engineers or telephone maintenance services,’ he explained.

However, Robinson said Moco’s ethos still stands. ‘Moco had quality relationships with quality customers and we are still having those conversations, but being with Daisy allows us the scale and the capital to do more.’


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