O2 CEO explains method of indirect success

O2 CEO explains method of indirect success

O2’s CEO Ronan Dunne has told Mobile that the network’s success with franchising and dealers comes from ‘making people feel like an equal partner.’

Speaking as the operator’s Q1 financial results were released, Dunne said that O2’s ongoing success in B2B is due to the close and ‘genuinely interactive’ relationships O2 keep with small business.

He said: ‘We’ve always treated partners as insiders. What we have is genuinely interactive partnerships where we work together and I think our partners would say that we’re very demanding but we’re very demanding in a way that matches the ambitions of those entrepreneurs. Between customers and suppliers we have a huge basis of small business relationships and I think that definitely helps us. People feel like they’re working with an equal partner rather than the big guys and I think that flexibility is a little different from what one or two others might offer.


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