Comms365 warns resellers to ‘pick M2M partners wisely’

Comms365 warns resellers to ‘pick M2M partners wisely’

Comms365 has advised resellers to move into the growing M2M marketplace, with MD Mike
Van Bunnens (pictured) claiming that ‘the opportunity is now’.

Speaking to Mobile, he said: ‘Comms365 has started to work with more channel partners, and until now a lot of partners have been nervous about mobile data, as all their systems are set up for voice. They fear that mobile data is so dramatically different from voice that they don’t want to touch it. We want to encourage more people to get involved and not just the mobile operators. If resellers want to embrace M2M, they need to pick their partners wisely. They can’t go blindly into the market and try to do it all alone without understanding the facts behind it. 

‘There’s a lot of consolidation happening and a lot of take-overs on the table, so the networks’ M2M programmes are quite fluid. None of the operators appear to have a particularly cohesive strategy at this point in time so rather than wait for that to happen we want people to work with us. I think the opportunity is now and those who embrace it now will take the lion’s share.’ 

Van Bunnens explained that advances in tech are seeing the market move rapidly, and that more and more devices will be equipped with some kind of connectivity: ‘It’s just a matter of time before companies try to put SIM cards in just about anything that they can get their hands on.

‘The more tech advances – there seem to be step changes every three to six months – you will find that more of that tech will be M2M enabled from a WiFi or mobile perspective.’

Van Bunnens said that data usage is at its peak and that as consumer demand for connectivity grows, so does the demand to receive more out of a mobile device. He added that while operators see data as secondary, it should be a primary focus for providers and competitors.  

He said: ‘There’s more data being used now than ever before and everyone uses data for something. People don’t buy phones to make calls – phones are made for social media and interaction and managing other devices, so the market has changed from a telephony point of view. Customers are expecting to get more out of their services and we are giving customers choice to enable them to get more from their connectivity options. 

‘The data side of things has been seen as secondary by mobile operators whose top priority has been to subscribe the numbers for voice. The big people driving M2M and IoT (Internet of Things) are not really the mobile operators, it is the providers and our competitors. I think that indirectly the market is already moving in the direction of M2M – it’s a hot byword at the moment for anything to do with mobile and data comms activity.’


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