Gamma improves network roaming SIM

Gamma improves network roaming SIM

UK business MVNO Gamma has improved its 2G,3G and 4G network roaming solution, MultiNet by allowing customers to self diagnose and re-configure devices when network roaming issues occur.

During the pre-launch testing stage of MultiNet in early 2016, Gamma discovered that when subscribers moved into a not-spot on the MVNO’s primary network and automatically switched over to an available network, the Gamma Access Point Name (APN) sometimes dropped, requiring device reconfiguring.

To overcome this issue, the unified comms dealer Gamma worked with Tweakker to give the users the information and interactive guides they need to complete this task at any time without the aid of a customer care agent. The system currently handles 80 cases per day, saving the company an estimated 10 employee-working hours per day. Customer data also shows the guides solve customer issues three times faster than through their call centre support system.

Commenting on the new system’s success, Gamma's customer service director John Murphy said, ‘Gamma's reputation and position in the market has been built carefully on a commitment to providing the highest level of customer service,’

‘By using Tweakker's Device Guides to build custom self-serve set up guides for Gamma's APN settings, weareagain seeking to build on the customer experience by reducing the effort involved in device configuration.’

Globally, over 80 MVNOs use Tweakker’s customer onboarding and smartphone support systems.


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