Exclusive: O2 Business makes bundle fumble

Exclusive: O2 Business makes bundle fumble

Some O2 business customers have been receiving free landline and broadband services for a year following a system error by the operator.


O2’s ‘All in’ tariff bundled mobile, landline and broadband services in for £50 a month. However, a billing fault meant that for those who switched their mobile contract out of the bundle, the other services continued free of charge.


Now they’ve realised the error, O2 is all out of the ‘All in’ tariff, informing customers that they’ll have to move across to a different tariff or leave the network. However, the businesses affected by the free services are not to be back-billed for the accidentally free fixed line and broadband.


A message to be sent to ‘All in’ customers next week on the 30th and 31st January will read, ‘ “Hello, You’ve come to the end of your All In contract. Your mobile, broadband and landline were all wrapped up in one bill. But we don’t offer All In anymore, so from 20th March 2017 we’ll charge you for your landline and broadband at our standard rates.’


The All-in tariff included a device, a 2GB data tariff, a wireless router, fixed line access and 2 McAffee licenses for £52.97.





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