Lumia 520 holds 40% of UK Windows Phone market

Lumia 520 holds 40% of UK Windows Phone market

Nokia's Lumia 520 has been recorded as the most popular Windows Phone device in the UK, with 40% of the market.

The affordable device, which typically retails at around the £70 mark, holds almost six times more of the market than the next most popular Windows Phone handset, the Nokia Lumia 625 which has 7.3%. The Lumia range in general dominates the Windows Phone landscape in Britain and accounts for more than three-quarters of all devices.

A study by AdDuplex, 'Windows Phone's cross-promotion network for apps and games', discovered that the picture was much the same worldwide, as a third of the Windows Phone market across the globe owns a Nokia Lumia 520. In fact, Lumias account for the ten most popular devices carrying the Microsoft-developed platform and make up over 90% of the overall worldwide market. HTC is the next most popular Windows Phone manufacturer, but holds just 5% of the market.

Windows Phone is the third worldwide OS of choice according to IDC with 3% of the market, although the figure is much smaller than Android's and iOS' base, while Nokia doesn't even figure in IDC's top five smartphone manufacturers, with Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, Huawei and LG setting the pace. It is likely that Nokia will unveil its first ever Android-powered smartphone next week at Mobile World Congress, the Nokia X.


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