YouGov: Nokia could capture UK market with full Android devices

YouGov: Nokia could capture UK market with full Android devices

Nokia would be better placed to make an assault on the UK smartphone market if it offered full Android devices according to YouGov.

The Finnish manufacturer revealed its forked Android X range at Mobile World Congress last month, but the public opinion research organisation believes that launching devices with the Google-developed OS next to its Windows Lumia range would give it a better foothold in the UK market.

YouGov technology and telecoms director, Russell Feldman, said: ‘In sticking to its “Windows-only” approach it is catering to a niche whereas offering full Android devices alongside its current models could return it to the mainstream once more. By offering a credible, mid-range, full Android handset as well as its current Windows devices, Nokia could start to take business away from its competitors.’

According to research carried out by YouGov, a fifth (22%) of smartphone owners will consider replacing their current device with a Nokia, while Samsung (44%), Apple (40%) and HTC (23%) are seen as more desirable. Only 6% of those with the intention of upgrading expect to purchase a Nokia smartphone.

Nokia’s Window’s operating system has been highlighted by YouGov’s research as a ‘major problem’ for consumers. A third of users are ‘frustrated by its perceived lack of apps’. YouGov’s smartphone tracker data (SMIX) found 52% loyalty for Windows OS users compared with 82% for iOS and 65% for Andorid (see below).


Double the number of feature phone owners with the intention of moving to a smart device would chose Android over Windows (22% compared with 11%), although only 8% would pick iOS. In terms of manufacturer preferences, Nokia (29%) comes just behind smartphone behemoth Samsung (30%) for feature phone users wanting to upgrade to smartphones.

Feldman added: ‘People like Nokia as a manufacturer and many people’s first phones were made by the company. This should stand it in good stead among its competitors. However, at the moment it is only seeing incremental growth in its sales and market share – mainly in the lower profit low end range, such as the 520.

‘The Microsoft buy-out is clearly a big factor when it comes to which operating systems Nokia goes with. However, the launch of the X range shows the company is toying with a two-platform model even if the limited version of Android being used suggesting that it is doing it by baby steps. An Android phone in the UK market could be the game changer the company needs to help it make waves instead of tread water.’


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