Moto G gives Motorola foothold in the UK market

Moto G gives Motorola foothold in the UK market

Motorola has found success in the UK market with its budget Moto G smartphone, grabbing 6% of market share in the six months since it was launched.

Data gathered by Kantar Worldpanel found that the Moto G had found traction in the 16-24 market, while 83% of owners are male, generally from the sub-£20,000 per annum demographic.

Its operating system, Android, continued to dominate the European market, holding 68.9%, while Apple and Windows remain second and third with 19% and 9.7% of the market respectively.

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech strategic insight director, Dominic Sunnebo, said: ‘Motorola was nowhere in Europe before the Moto G launched in November last year, but the new model has since boosted the manufacturer to 6% of British sales. It highlights the speed at which a quality budget phone can disrupt a market. The same pattern can be seen in France with Wiko, which has 8.3% share, and Xiaomi in China with 18.5%.

‘Consumers are far more tech savvy than they were just a few years ago and the rising commoditisation of smartphones means we increasingly rely on online views and handset cost to drive our decision making. Some 40% of British consumers are heavily influenced by internet reviews when deciding which mobile to buy and 48% of Moto G sales were made online. With virtually no existing customers to sell to in Britain, the Moto G has stolen significant numbers of low- to mid-end customers from Samsung and Nokia Lumia.’

In terms of the UK, Android’s supremacy continued with 54% of the market, although that declined by 4.3 percentage points year-over-year. iOS share grew by 3.1 percentage points to 32.1%, while Windows saw the biggest growth, jumping from 6.7% in February 2013 to 10.1% in February 2014.

Smartphone penetration in the UK stands at 70%. In the past quarter 86% of devices sold were smartphones.


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