Brightstar 20:20 launches brand and new vision

Brightstar 20:20 launches brand and new vision

Mobile Service Solution provider Brightstar 20:20 launched in style aboard the Silver Sturgeon Thames Yacht last night (2 April), signalling its ambition to shake up the UK’s mobile distribution industry.

Over 200 guests attended the event including leading manufacturers, operators and retailers, which began at the Savoy Hotel in London.

Attendees then boarded the luxury river yacht which sailed along the Thames whilst guests enjoyed dinner prepared by Jamie’s Fabulous Feasts, onboard entertainment and a competition to win a bundle of Samsung and Sony’s latest connected devices.

UK chief Jim Michel discussed Brightstar’s ambitions and strategies in a Q&A session with CCS Insight MD Shuan Collins.

Talking about the Brightstar’s acquisition of 20:20 Mobile last year Michel said Brightstar had been attracted to 20:20 Mobile’s ability to offer a host of services rather than just the traditional mobile distribution solutions.

He said this strategy chimed with Brightstar’s ethos to offer a range of solutions to its customers.

Michel said Brightstar 20:20 also has the financial muscle of its parent group and Softbank which bought a major share in Brightstar late last year, giving it significant economies of scale and the ability to offer a wide and growing range of services. ‘Softbank offers us scale in the UK in terms of what we buy, in terms of our influence and in what we can do,’ he said.

Michel said Brightstar 20:20 could offer services ranging from insurance, buyback services, leasing, 3PL, outsourcing, bespoke and end to end solutions. ‘People want to talk to us because we are different,’ he said, adding: ‘We can prove and demonstrate that we are already offering these services and we can make quick decisions. We don’t mess around.’

Michel said 20:20 Brightstar is already attracting significant interest in the market, working with two operators on buyback projects and talking to potential customers about its leasing model as well as holding discussions about opportunities in the MM and connected devices market.

He said: ‘We’re not box shifters, we offer bespoke end to end service solutions. Our scale and scope means that we can deliver global solutions to all customers. We believe that this along with our drive will give us the integrity we need to grow our footprint in the market.’


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