Andrew Morley leaves Motorola Mobility

Andrew Morley leaves Motorola Mobility

Andrew Morley, Motorola Mobility’s UK and Ireland general manager, has left the business.

Nick Muir, Motorola Mobility's general manager of European operators will head up the UK team in the interim, Motorola Mobility said.

In an exclusive interview with Mobile, Morley said he felt it was the right time to leave the company.

Speaking to Mobile he said: ‘With the Moto G having done so well, gaining a 6% share of the UK market in six months - which is a great achievement - I feel  I am leaving on a real high.’

Morley’s departure closely follows Google’s surprise sale of the manufacturer to Lenovo in January this year for £1.8bn.

Asked if the sale had informed his decision to leave, Morley said: ‘Lenovo will make a great success of Motorola without a doubt. The Lenovo team is very, very sharp but I had to ask myself the question, having been at  Motorola for seven years and doing this job for four years, is this something I want to commit to for another three, four, five years? I felt it might be time for someone else to do that and I think that decision is right for everyone.’

Morley added that not working for Google had also been a key driver in his decision.

'I absolutely loved Google. For a marketeer there is nowhere else - literally there is no better employer and  had a whale of a time and had the opportunity to get to know some superbright Google people so of course that is a factor in my decision.'

Morley said he has two offers on the table - one from a company in the mobile industry and  one from an organisation outside of the telecoms industry. He added: ‘I am not going to rush my decision. I think it is right for me to take some time to decide.’

In the interim Morley said he is going to work as a volunteer at the Watford New Hope Trust, a charity for the homeless, which he has supported for some years.

He added that he is also been asked to do some part time consultancy work in the mobile industry.

Lenovo has yet to appoint Morley’s successor although his marketing responsibilities will be taken on by Marcus Frost, Motorola Mobility’s senior EMEA marketing director whilst Nick Muir will manage the UK team in the interim.

A Motorola Mobility spokeswoman confirmed Morley's departure. She said: 'Andrew Morley, general manager of UK, has left Motorola to explore new opportunities. We thank Andrew for his contribution during his time with the company and wish him every success in the future.  In the interim period, Nick Muir will be managing the team in the UK.'



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