BlackBerry is popular brand for trading in online

BlackBerry is popular brand for trading in online

A new report has highlighted how BlackBerry owners are willing to trade in their devices online - often switching brands when doing so. The survey by revealed how 66% of those trading in a BlackBerry on the website said they were upgrading to an iPhone.

The reputed comparison site allows consumers to recycle handsets for cash on the site. Device owners are able to compare the rates offered by all recyclers as well as payment options, delivery and vouchers.

While 8% of those trading in an old BlackBerry said they were staying loyal to the brand, 7% said they were doing so in order to switch to a Samsung device. Interestingly, 42% said they were changing over to the iPhone 4 while only 5% planned on getting an iPhone 5S.

The Cashforphonescomparison website revealed that the BlackBerry Bold 9790 is the top BlackBerry device for trading in on the website - making up 1% of all trade-ins.


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