HTC to give its apps to other Android phones

HTC to give its apps to other Android phones

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has set up a new division, HTC Creative Labs, to develop apps for rival Android phones, in an effort to grow revenues in an increasingly competitive mobile market.

As revealed by Re/Code, the new Seattle-based department includes 260 staff with people working on projects from San Francisco and Taipei also.

The department will offer apps, previously exclusive to its handsets, to smartphones from competitors such as Samsung and LG.

The first release will be the photo and video editing app Zoe. Users can add themes to 16 images or videos and share the results with friends who can also add to the content.

HTC Creative Labs will be managed by Drew Bamford, head of user experience at the company.

The news follows on from the manufacturer's pessimistic forecasts for its July-September period. It predicts that revenue will fall between T$42-T$47bn in its third quarter.

Sales of HTC's flagship phone, the HTC One M8, are also believed to have peaked.


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