Vodafone and Carphone to add muscle to G Flex 2 launch

Vodafone and Carphone to add muscle to G Flex 2 launch

LG has won the support of both Vodafone and Dixons Carphone as exclusive partners for the launch of its flagship curved smartphone, the LG G Flex 2.

The G Flex 2 device is set to launch in Q1 in the UK after storming the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month where it won 12 awards including Best Smartphone.

Speaking to Mobile, LG Mobile chief Andrew Coughlin said retailer and operator confidence in LG’s products had grown signifcantly over the past year, following the success of devices such as the G3. ‘Market share is key for us and we are growing – but our success isn’t all about volume and market share. It’s actually about ensuring our partners have a reliable device that offers good profitability and also flies off the shelves.'

He added:'We are really pleased with the sell-out ratio of our devices, and operators and retailers are increasingly prepared to trust us in the high-tier segment as they know they won’t have stock legacy issues month on month.’

Coughlin said LG is in a strong position in the UK market as consumer demand evolves.He explained: 'The game is changing in that consumers are more willing to try out new brands if the story is compelling and if they can get great value for their money without compromising on quality.’

LG is also targeting frontline sales staff to drive growth this year. ‘It is very important for us to win the hearts and minds of retail and call centre staff who are, after all, the kingmakers in our business,’ said Coughlin, adding: ‘If they believe we are offering the very best in hardware and innovation then we are doing our job well as they are the most important people in spreading the message to consumers.’

Coughlin said the LG Flex 2 will play a key role in raising that profile in 2015, adding that it will offer 'a strong retail story'. He explained: 'The G Flex 2 is a product designed for the mass market, whereas the G Flex was an innovation statement. We have packed some fantastic technology into a smaller form factor than the G Flex, which makes it much easier to use but still offers incredible flexible capabilities and improved self-healing anti-scratch technology.’


Record Sales of G Watch R

LG is continuing its drive into the wearables market clocking up record sales of the G Watch R over the Christmas period. The G Watch R was launched in December and stocked by operators and retailers including Dixons Carphone, Three and Amazon. Coughlin said: ‘Our foray into the wearables segment has been highly successful, with demand for the G Watch R far outstripping supply. We just could not make enough of them for our customers.’
He added: ‘We believe we have the right strategy for the segment. It is important to offer a great user experience. That’s where it starts. If you are not adding value to the user’s daily life, if you don’t engage the user, if it’s not fun, then it just won’t work.’


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