Lenovo: Motorola on the road to recovery

Lenovo: Motorola on the road to recovery

Lenovo has revealed that Motorola shipped more than 10 million units last year up 118% year-over-year, adding $1.9bn (£1.24bn) to the firms revenues.

Levono said that it believed that Motorola who are soon to re-enter China were on track to be profitable within 4-6 quarters of close of year.
The combined proposition of the two brands made Lenovo the third largest vendor of smartphones behind Samsung and Apple. The two brands had nearly 6.6% market share, up 78% year-on-year. Global tablet market share was 4.8%, with 3.7 million shipments, up 9% percent year-over-year, which Lenovo said had been powered by the launch of its latest Yoga tablet.
Interestingly Lenovo also revealed that it now drives about 60 percent of its mobile phone volumes outside China, having entered 67 countries in the last two years. The manufacturer said it believed it has built the scale, distribution, brand assets and IP portfolio required to compete around the world and challenge the top two players. 

The brand added that as smartphone trends moved from premium to mainstream, and matured in emerging markets, it was is in the best position to capture these next waves of growth and deliver on Motorola’s profitability targets.


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