New brand position for Sony Mobile

New brand position for Sony Mobile

Sony Mobile will embark on a major advertising campaign to promote its new brand positioning ‘we enable you to make your everyday extraordinary’.

Speaking at the launch Catherine Cherry, UK & Ireland marketing director, said: ‘Products are not enough anymore, it’s about how you bring it to life for the consumer. You have to help customers get the most out of their devices. That’s why we’ve chosen to focus our communications on customer experience.’

‘Our new global brand positioning is “We enable you make your everyday extraordinary” which is about making an ordinary day more special and Sony Mobile as a brand enabling you to do you. This is a long term brand positioning for the company.’

The campaign features real Sony Mobile users who applied to be part of the campaign, as Cherry explained to Mobile: ‘Real people have been used throughout the campaign, every piece of material comes from a real person. After CES we reached out over social media to find online influencers. We’ve used 7 influencers from across the globe. We feel it’s much more credible when it’s actually coming from people who are our users.’

Cherry also took the opportunity to reiterate the importance of Sony Mobile to the wider firm and comment on the success of its latest flagship the Z3: ‘I want to re-iterate what has been said by number of our top executives which is that Sony Mobile is here to stay and we’re absolutely focused on delivering profitable growth. Smartphones are in the hands of customers everyday which makes them so important.’

‘The Z3 series has been a big success for us and is fast becoming our bestselling smartphones ever. But what pleases us more is that the customer satisfaction with the Z range of products are incredibly high.’


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