Microsoft ‘marks a new era’ with free Windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft ‘marks a new era’ with free Windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft has launched its Windows 10 operating system as a free upgrade in 190 countries.

The US technology giant said the decision to offer the software for free ‘marks a new era’ for the company.

The launch comes as Microsoft reported a quarterly operating loss of $2.1bn, this included restructuring costs of its Nokia Devices and Services Business, worth $780m. The restructuring saw Microsoft cut thousands of jobs in its mobile phone division.

Microsoft has placed much of its focus on the Windows 10 operating system. CEO Satya Nadella (pictured) has said the release of its new software would ‘create new opportunities for Microsoft and our ecosystem’.

The company has described the new OS as ‘the best Windows ever’. Craig Stice, senior principal analyst at IHS Technology, believes that Microsoft will be hoping make up for ‘the failures of Windows 8’.

He said: ‘This is a very important launch for Microsoft.  After the failures of Windows 8, Microsoft has to come back with an OS that the consumers can transition to, feel comfortable about doing so, and understand that there will be a positive outcome by doing so. 

‘Both Android and iOS have driven the market into a free upgradable software generation.  Microsoft has been caught behind, so, as they move into this new generation of OS upgrades, they must execute, be user friendly, and be free of major bugs.”






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