Voda urges public sector to ‘tear down 4G barriers’

Voda urges public sector to ‘tear down 4G barriers’

Vodafone has claimed that slow adoption 4G is holding back UK’s frontline services.

The network explained that fast mobile connectivity is ‘crucial’ to public sector workers, but without 4G many are ‘missing out’ on providing cost effective community services.

Only 8% of frontline workers, such as police officers, nurses and social workers, are currently equipped with the high speed service, according to the joint research by Vodafone and YouGov.

Mick Wayman, head of public sector at Vodafone UK explained that it is working with the public sector to ‘tear down the 4G barriers’ frontline staff face.

He said: ‘In frontline services such as the police where every second counts, 4G really can make a big difference. We are working with public sector organisations to tear down the barriers standing in the way of putting 4G connectivity in the hands of more of Britain’s frontline.

‘We are helping organisations to understand how the technology can assist in driving efficiency, delivering better services to citizens and meeting their key priorities. It’s our job to make 4G as accessible as possible by offering cost-effective technology that is easy to implement.’

‘As public sector organisations face continued budget cuts, delivering quality services to citizens is an increasing challenge. Armed with cost-effective mobile devices and 4G connectivity, frontline workers can access and update centralised records such as medical and criminal history while they are out in the field.’

The network found that one of the key obstacles holding back the public sector was the perception of costs involved, alongside a lack of knowledge. Vodafone’s latest research continues its push to encourage 4G uptake amongst businesses, although it admitted ‘there is still some way to go’ for the public sector to realise its 4G potential.


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