MWC 2016: LG bullish at G5 launch

MWC 2016: LG bullish at G5 launch

LG’s Mobile CEO Juno Cho has said that ‘smartphones best days are still ahead’ at the launch of the manufacturer’s new flagship G5 device.


The device was launched a major event in Barcelona before the Mobile World Congress show in the city.


Addressing the global slowdown of the smartphone market directly, Cho said: ’Does this mean the era is over? No. At LG we believe smartphones best days still ahead, its way too powerful a device just to be used for people to take photos on social media. LG G5 is designed for people to play: an adventure theme park in your pocket. The future of smartphone still full of possibilities the G5 just the beginning’


The new modular device is designed to help users to customise the device for themselves. It was launched along with a range of other connected products knowns ‘LG friends’ this included a 360 camera, a rolling camera and a VR headset.


Speaking about the new range of products Cho said: ‘the LG friends creates a new paradigm in the smartphone ecosystem, it features VR and 360 video content.’


The manufacturer revealed that in order to make the device as widely available as possible it would be release simultaneously across a number of key markets.



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