MWC 2016: Sony explains its ‘intelligent’ strategy

MWC 2016: Sony explains its ‘intelligent’ strategy


Sony Mobile’s president Hiroki Totoki has questioned the relevance of needlessly adding new features to the smartphone. 


Speaking at a press conference at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress Totoki said that it was the manufacturer’s plan to make the existing functions more intelligent.


The brand’s mobile boss told attendees that whilst the smartphone still needed to evolve, improving core functions such as battery life and the camera was more beneficial for users.


‘There is still more to do to evolve the smartphone’ he said ‘but does adding new functions really satisfy you? We believe adding intelligence to existing features it is more beneficial. Intelligence add as new dimension to our smartphones.’


The manufacturer announced that it would be launching the X series of smartphones which featured enhanced battery and camera functions. The brand also revealed it would be broadening its range of connected range with a range of Xperia ‘smart products’. These include a bluetooth headset with a focus on voice recognition technology and a smart projector.


Totoki explained that these devices had been designed to help people enjoy experiences so they weren’t distracted by their phones: ’It’s a trusted interface that adapts to the information and environments in which you find yourself. It shows and tells you what you need and doesn’t stop you interacting with the rest of the world.


‘We have always been at the forefront of our industry. We will not only keep evolving the smartphone we will also explore different ways of accessing information and communications.’ 



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