Samsung to launch second hand smartphone program

Samsung to launch second hand smartphone program

Samsung is gearing up to sell used versions of its premium smartphones.

According to reports by Reuters, the manufacturer is set to launch a refurbished smartphone program within the next year.

Samsung will refurbish top end devices returned to the business by those who signed up to its one-year upgrade program; these devices will then be sold on at a discounted price.

Changing relationships

The news marks a major step for Samsung to exploit the value of its devices and move into the UK refurbished handset market, one that has previously been championed by networks. Promotions such as O2 Refresh have allowed customers to upgrade annually, with their old handset refurbished and resold by the network.

Samsung’s refurbished program will further shift relationships between manufacturers and operators, after the launch of its own upgrade program earlier this year. This followed in the footsteps of bitter rival Apple, who took the first step by-pass operators and directly target consumers themselves.

Finding value

Speaking to Mobile earlier in this year, former O2 CEO Ronan Dunne said that falling hardware revenues will see manufacturers look closely at how they can extract value from their devices.

 ‘It’s clear that manufacturers are looking at how they distribute their devices even more broadly and perhaps more away from or supplement the carrier,’ he said. ‘That’s a trend we’ll see globally.

‘From an operators point of view the market we’re planning for is one where it’s not simple going to be able the 60 days following the next iPhone or 60 days after the next Samsung Galaxy. It’s going to be more evenly spread and certainly what we’ve seen is that while services revenues are growing, hardware revenues are soft and I wouldn’t necessarily expect that rend to change.’

Mobile has contacted Samsung and is awaiting a comment.



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