Android Nougat sets its sights on virtual reality

Android Nougat sets its sights on virtual reality

Google has placed a major focus on virtual reality with the roll out of its newest Android operating system; Nougat.

Google’s mobile VR platform Daydream will be supported across the OS, with the US brand stating Nougat was built with immersive experiences in mind’. Daydream has already partnered with Alcatel to bring a VR ready smartphone to market.

Longer battery life was also a key feature on the new Nougat system, something which Google said it had continued from its previous Marshmallow OS which launched last year.

Android 7.0 Nougat will be rolled out across Nexus devices from 23rd August.

Out of the comfort zone

As the most popular OS in the world Android has previously been reported to generate $22bn in profit for Google, with a number of different iterations developed over the years. The most notable has been Cyanogen which has been championed in the UK by manufacturers Wileyfox and BQ.

For Mobile Choice Editor Sunetra Chakravarti Android popularity is waning among consumers, forcing Google to branch out. The internet giant was recently reported to be in talks with a number of networks over a move into the hardware market.

Speaking to Mobile earlier this year: ‘Google are the kings of the search engine but they lost the advertising game to Facebook and Android is waning. The OS is very stable but it doesn’t have much visibility so they’re looking to move onto the next thing which is what Google have always been good at. A lot of consumers don’t even know what Android is so hardware is a way for Google to branch out.



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