Corbyn proposes state funded coverage solution

Corbyn proposes state funded coverage solution

Jeremy Corbyn said he would invest government money to build out the UK’s digital infrastructure in areas where the service was below par.

The policies put forward in the Labour Leader’s Digital Democracy Manifesto would see a National Investment Bank fund the development of the UK’s mobile and broadband networks.

The Manifesto adds that ‘Ofcom will coordinate the private telecoms companies’ contribution to its realisation.’

 Will operators invest?

The debate about the best way to develop Britain’s digital infrastructure has raged for some time. In 2014, the government and the mobile networks agreed a deal which saw the operators agree to cover 90% of the UK’s geography. This was on the basis that the Government would make changes to the Electronic Communications Code to help cut the cost of mast site rental.

This ECC law changes are now before Parliament and were criticised in July by a legal expert who told Mobile that it was doubtful whether the money saved from the changes to the code would be invested in infrastructure.


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