3GPP releases official 5G logo

3GPP releases official 5G logo

3GPP, the global initiative setting the standards for 5G communications, hasn’t yet announced the specification manufacturers and service providers will have to conform to - but it has today released an official 5G logo.


Despite the ongoing uncertainty regarding the definition and timeline for 5G implementation, the 3GPP has announced that the logo ‘may be made available for use by manufacturers and service providers to declare that their products are based on the Project’s specifications’.


Implementers wishing to declare conformity to the 3GPP specifications may mark their equipment and documentation with the 5G logo, which the Partners have registered as a trademark for the benefit of the membership. The arrangement is entirely voluntary and is one of self-declaration by the manufacturer or supplier.


Use of the 5G logo is subject to the approval of the 3GPP Organizational Partners and may be monitored by them, and their website states ‘Permission to use the 3GPP 5G logo does not involve or imply any certification by the partners in 3GPP or the 3GPP community that the products or services of manufacturers or service providers actually comply with the 3GPP specifications. It is intended simply and only to provide a basis of reference for users, network operators and other manufacturers and service providers.’


Companies wishing to use the 5G logo will have to provide 3GPP with details of their reasons for requesting the use of the 3GPP 5G logo, nature of use, countries in which the logo would be used and 3GPP Organizational Partner of which the company is a member, if any . Guidelines for use of the logo are available here.


So we may not know what 5G is yet, but at least now, we’ll know it when we see it.







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