Herbert fixes Sky HQ not-spots with Zinwave DAS deployment

Herbert fixes Sky HQ not-spots with Zinwave DAS deployment

Sky’s new headquarters in Osterley has been outfitted with a Zinwave DAS system to overcome mobile coverage problems.


As in many new builds, the multiple floors and dense materials in the development were causing mobile phone coverage issues for the 7,500 employees at the West London campus.


Cambridge-based systems integrator Herbert has deployed Zinwave’s UNItivity distributed antenna system (DAS) to eliminate the problems, which particularly affected 4G reception of Vodafone, EE, and Sky Mobile’s MNO, O2.


Sky’s biggest area of concern involved the second phase of the development, Sky Central, a modern mixed-use scheme with a combined total area of approximately 46,000sqm, set over three floors, encompassing office space, a studio and also production facilities, together with research and development zones.


As mobile connection to the internet and wireless communication are paramount, Martin Eddleston, planning and delivery manager network implementation at Sky said; ‘Sky is very forward thinking and technically capable, and had the foresight to install single operator DAS in our existing buildings on campus, but when it came to our new Sky Central building, we wanted multi-operator coverage to cope with user volumes and multiple Mobile Network Operators throughout this much larger building. With the number of colleagues occupying our new building and the importance of mobile communications, it was imperative that a scalable, high performing and future proof solution was selected. Zinwave UNItivity met the desired criteria, with Herbert pulling out all the stops with the project scoping, implementation and in-building integration in the timescales required.’


Zinwave UNItivity was selected as the preferred coverage solution because of its ability to support multiple mobile operators (EE, O2 & Vodafone) and services (2G, 3G & 4G) and frequencies, making it the most cost-effective and technically-capable solution for Sky. It’s designed to be flexible and scalable, enabling the rollout of additional services, such as 5G, to be implemented without needing any hardware replacements or cabling refits. Zinwave UNItivity is also claimed to be the only solution that can provide consistent mobile phone coverage inside metal lifts.


The solution was commissioned and installed by Herbert In-Building Wireless, an established supplier of productivity solutions, and Zinwave’s preferred UK channel partner.


Sky also had public safety requirements to meet, and Zinwave UNItivity provides mobile and public safety access services, delivering an end-to-end all fibre solution on a single converged system within the building.


Scott Willis, CEO of Zinwave said; ‘We are extremely pleased that Sky has been able to eliminate all mobile ‘not-spots’ with our in-building wireless solution. Dense building materials are a common barrier for mobile signals, which can cause a number of problems in a world that increasingly relies on ubiquitous coverage. Our solution is built to overcome these issues, directing all mobile signals to exactly where they’re needed, ensuring seamless communications at all times.’


Mark Channen, marketing director at Herbert said; ‘Sky is an innovator in all that they do, and it is the implementation of innovative turn-key solutions such as the Zinwave UNItivity product that we scoped for them, that ultimately keeps their business at the forefront. Professional and guaranteed communication drives business workflow and productivity at all times with UNItivity.’







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