EE outlines MWC device demands

EE outlines MWC device demands

EE CEO Marc Allera reiterated the company’s focus on 800Mhz VoLTE, stating that any device launched at MWC must facilitate this in order to be considered by the network.


At a conference announcing their balloon, UAV and portable mast vehicle plan for meeting the demands of rural coverage and ESN requirements, the company boss stated, ‘For us, every device at MWC must support 4G calling. It’s not negotiable for EE.’


While a fairly standard feature in premium and high-end devices, VoLTE is still not available in all budget devices. As part of their 800Mhz rollout announcement in December, the brand announced it is looking to bring a VoLTE capable device to their stores for under £100 during 2017.


800Mhz is crucial to rural coverage, as the longer wave lengths give both better range, and better obstacle penetration. It also forms a key part of EE’s Emergency Services Network, which is due to launch by 2020 after set-backs both inside and outside of parliament.


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